The design of the toilet has changed over the centuries and depending on how people use it. Some developments included changing the toilet style or toilet shape while others changed the actual toilet performance. Add paths to clean, separate, raise the well and quickly hide the well.

Many changes are based on style, they want clean lines, more luxury and more comfort. Recently, some of these changes have been due to the need for water storage to improve the efficiency of the cleaning system to use a little water and thus save water bills.

The options have increased by one or two toilets, a toilet or two buttons, ulcers, square chairs or tablets, corner covers and back to the walls of the wall. Read to reduce any disturbance and learn to make the right choice when choosing a new toilet.

Toilet design selection

From a variety of shapes, styles, and styles, you can complete your selection with the following features:

Flush Gallons

This is the amount of water that is removed as fast as the flush button shows. It can range from 1.6 liters to 1.28 kilograms in quality toilets. Compared to traditional toilets, two toilets can allow you to choose a whole or a half to save a large amount of water each year as you beat 0.8 gallons per flush.

One piece or two pieces

One piece of toilet costs less than a piece for one piece. With the power of a toilet, they have no connection parts, so it seems to have no problems with the leak, while the second piece of toilet changed because of the more accessible tanks.

Added or Round

 There is usually no major difference in these types. Tiny cups are usually smaller than two inches wide. Of course, this is more than choice and style toilet design, everything that appeals to your eye and looks and feels for your bathroom you want to create.


 For normal toilets, the average length is 14 to 15 inches. Therefore check the length of the existing toilet and compare it to the new toilet tests. These smaller toilets are now available at 18 inches. These are usually toilets designed for elderly or disabled people.


 If there is a small space in the bathroom, the corner or wall is the best option to be activated by an angled tank that allows you to place it at the corner. The back of the wall toilet on the other side is placed in the wall, so that the fountain is hidden behind the false wall.

After reading various options that you can choose when choosing a toilet, it will be easier to make a decision and choose a full toilet for your bathroom or bath.